Press: Craig Laban says Good things about Wister |

Press: Craig Laban says Good things about Wister |

Craig LaBan: Wister retains lofty ambitions of predecessor

Over the last few months Philadelphia’s most elusive food critic has been sneaking in and out of Wister in preparation of his latest review. While we never actually saw Craig Laban we figured this was happening and made every effort to put our best foot… and food forward. We’re happy to see that it paid off! Check out some of the quotes below and if you haven’t already, Book a Reservation or just come say hi!

Wister BYOB earned an enthusiastic “Two Bells: Very Good” review from The Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Craig LaBan, who wrote that “chef Benjamin Moore, 36, is making a fine head-chef debut...” and added that he “paints with a distinctive perspective, dabbling in exotic flavors, with excellent ingredients put into unusual combinations turned with some contemporary techniques.” He was equally positive about the friendly service: the staff is “friendly…which matters,” and he concluded that “mastering the art of the whole chicken can be the restaurant equivalent of serving its patrons the ultimate comfort fit,” cleverly interpreting businessman Joseph Scorsone’s experience as owner of Joseph’s Shoes for 20 years in Rittenhouse Square into his current success operating a restaurant gem in Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood.

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